Providing Complete Services to the Power Sector

Tower Design and Construction

Foundation Works - Strining

Telecoms Tower and Pylon Construction

Electrical Networks Services

  • Asset Management, Data Collection on LV, MV + HV networks
  • Defects Patrolling
  • Design, BOM + BOQ
  • PSDP Funtion
  • Design and build services for underground cable systems
  • Route evaluation, access consents, circuit installation, refurbishment, feasibility, design.
  • Design,supply and installation of control and protection schemes
  • Trenchless techniques
  •  Cable design and sizing to meet load requirements
  • Design and build services for overhead lines,
  • Full project management,
  • Design,supply and installation of control and protection schemes
  • Trenchless techniques
  •  Cable design and sizing to meet load requirements
  • Landowner arbitration
  • Access route agreements
  • Wayleave Management
  • Mapping and Land Surveying

Power & Overhead Line Services

  • We offer vast experience for foundation design and construction, with many jobs requiring large concrete volumes.
  • The reinforcing is fabricated off site and transported when required.
  • Sheet Piling used for poor ground conditions
  • Steel Reinforcement
  • Stub setting templates.
  • Supply, Design and Construction Telecoms Communucations towers and Electrical Pylons
  • Hi-Profile projects undertaken in the U.K. and Europe.
  • Turnkey Solutions - Site specific "once-off" designs are frequently designed and built to client requirements.
  • Qualified Personnel - Industry trained and regularly audited. Large Resource Pool.
  • Pole (wood) installation has yet again become a favoured method for Transmission infracture. This is due to the demand by windfarm sites to use wooden poles so as the impact to the surrounding landscape is kept minimal.
  • Experience in 3.5Tonne / 24m high Pole Installation
  • Experienced onsite safety and traffic control managment.
  • We have a core expertise in conductor stringing works, having supplied numerous grid lines for infrastructure developments.
  • New conductor works
  • Catenary System Design and Installation
  • Restringing new conductor using the old conductor as a pulling bond
  • Pre Stringing works changing Insulators and hardware
  • All fibre related conductor works including OPGW/OPPC/Wrap/ADSS
  • Restringing new conductor
    Overhead Line Services
  • Strining Services
    Power Transmission
  • Tower Erection
    Power Transmission
  • Pylon Construction
    Power Transmission
  • Catenary System
    Power Infrastructure
  • 220kV Re-Stringing with HTLS
    Power Infrastructure

Recent News / Resources

22 Feb

EU Power, a KTL & GTS JV, awarded ESB Overhead Line Framework

EU Power, a KTL and GTS joint venture company, have once again been awarded the contract for the ESB Framework Agreement for Overhead Lines 2016 - 2018. Works will include refurbishment and new build of LV, MV and HV networks up to 400 kV .

15 Jun

Outstanding Health & Safety

With OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 AND 14001 we have embraced leading managment systems to ensure enviromental, Health & Safety, and Quality control requirments are met and exceeded.

EU Power & Energy Ltd.

    • Have extensive knowledge in the design and build of electrical networks.
    • Are active across all voltages on the Irish Network.
    • Actively promote Health & Safety as a lifestyle.
    • Are committed to Zero Accidents.
    • Are committed to environmental mitigation measures.
    • Promote Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction.